The Emergency Medical Service (EMS) sector in Nepal has evolved significantly over the last decade owing to the efforts by the private sector to improve infrastructure, adoption of technology by the service providers and upgrading the skills sets of the paramedics. However, there is still a long way to go in creating a robust and efficient EMS System across the country, largely due to the geographical landscape.

Owing to the socio-economic development leading to better standard of living, there is an increase in the population and the number of vehicles owned by the citizens. This in turn is contributing to the rise in the number of road accidents, posing a threat to life. The pressure is growing on the medical fraternity in the remote villages and more crucially, the EMS team as they have to reach the victim as quickly as possible. The Government is working closely with private players to improve the service and is also adding new formats of transportation to aid emergency cases. One such initiative is the Air Ambulance Nepal managed by Explore Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. in Nepal. An Air Ambulance Nepal has been partnership with many Air Rescue Operators in India & Europe for emergency medical assistance for quicker response to areas where air transport facility is mostly non-available. For domestic market using customized Heli Ambulance. We have saved more than 300 lives since 2018.

Apart from functioning as a traditional ambulance, an Air Ambulance consists of all the required medical equipment like ECG, ventilators, medicine (first aid kit), stretchers with medical and paramedical staffs. An Air Ambulance Nepal providing comprehensive services of co-ordination with hospitals, admission procedures, treatment second opinions, documentations and geriatrics nursing services at home. Moreover, a group of medical personnel is also aboard with the air ambulance to assist the patient in the best possible manner. There are some places across many cities in our country that are not accessible to regular ambulance services because of lack of development or space within that area. These areas may be remote areas or places that can’t be reached quickly by a normal sized ambulance, like in case of urban towns. In these cases, it would be more suitable if we use Heli or Air Ambulances. For more details log on to