Immunity Is A Specific Drug Against A Novel Corona virus : 10 recommendation to control Covid 19.

After the infection of the new corona virus, mainly causes respiratory and digestive tract lesions, and causes respiratory and digestive tract-related symptoms.

At present, viral diseases, including the new corona virus, Sars virus, Mershs virus and common hepatitis virus, HIV virus, there is no cure of the special effects of drugs, its recovery mainly depends on the promotion of autoimmunity, from the current report data, the new corona virus pneumonia is mainly comprehensive support treatment, relying on the patient’s autoimmunity rehabilitation.

How can immunity be enhanced in the face of the new corona virus? Balanced and diverse diet is particularly important, the Chinese Medical Association’s intestinal and intestinal nutrition credits will give “on the prevention and treatment of new coronary virus infection diet nutrition experts recommend”, the following for you to interpret one by one.

Recommendation 1: Daily intake of high-protein foods, including fish, meat, eggs, milk, beans and nuts, on a normal basis;
Although these foods are the same as high-quality protein sources, but these types of food contain the types and quantities of essential amino acids are very different, so we need from various kinds of products are needed to intake.
The protein intake is more than usual because you need more “soldiers” on your immune line.

Recommendation 2: Eat fresh vegetables and fruits every day, on the basis of the usual amount.
The abundance of vitamins and phytochemicals in vegetables and fruits is important to the body, especially vitamin B and C.
It is recommended to eat 300 to 500g vegetables daily, plus 200 to 350g of fresh fruit. If you don’t usually eat vegetables and fruits , and be sure to eat as much as possible during this period.
In addition, it is recommended that the fruit also want to change the type to eat, don’t must stick to a certain kind of fruit, and give up the whole “forest.”

Recommendation 3: Moderate amount of drinking water, not less than 1500 ml per day.
Even if the full stomach is full all day, also ensure adequate drinking water. No need much, it’s enough to drink 5 glasses of water a day with a glass of normal size.

Recommendation 4: Food types, sources and colors should be rich and varied, no less than 20 kinds of food per day; Don’t be partial to food.
It’s not hard to eat 20 foods a day. The key is to be colorful. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and all seven colors of vegetables should be eaten. In a sense, the color of food materials is related to the nutritional value.

Recommendation 5: Ensure sufficient nutrition, add quantity on the basis of normal diet, want to eat already full, want to eat well again.

Recommendation 6: Diet is insufficient, old person and chronic consumptive basic disease patient, the proposal increases commercialized eternal nutrition agent (special medicine food), every day additional supplement not less than 500 big calorie.
The elderly eat small, weak digestion, poor physical fitness is very common, especially by the gastrointestinal tract and chronic diseases of the people, nutritional conditions are worrying, the natural infection rate doubled. In such cases, it may be beneficial to take appropriate supplements to balance nutrition.

Recommendation 7: Don’t on diet or lose weight during the covid-19 epidemic.
Dieting isn’t necessary, especially at this juncture. Only a balanced diet can ensure adequate supply of energy and nutrients, so be sure to eat full, eat well.

Recommendation 8: Regular rest and adequate sleep, sleep time is not less than 7 hours a day.
Interpretation: It’s important to be happy, sleep is more important. Only if you have a good rest can you recover.

Recommendation 9: Carry out personal type of physical exercise, the cumulative time of not less than 1 hour per day, do not participate in group sports activities.
Interpretation: eat full hyperactivity, as long as do not choose in a crowded place, is beneficial to the body. If it is not convenient to go out, at home activities are also good, it is said that housework is also considered physical activity.

Recommendation 10: During the epidemic of new coronary pneumonia, it is recommended to supplement the health food such as compound vitamins, minerals and deep-sea fish oil in moderation.
Interpretation: Especially in the elderly over 40 years old, moderate supplements to improve nutritional deficiencies, improve immunity or have an effect, but pay attention to vitamins and health food can not be too taken, supplement should be moderate.