Betnovate-N Cream : Uses, Side Effects & Composition


December 30, 2018

Betnovate-N is an anti- inflammatory ointment which is used for the fast and effective treatment of skin inflammation conditions caused due to various skin infections. Some of the commonly known skin inflammation conditions are Eczema, Dermatitis, psoriasis, etc. These skin infections are mainly bacterial induced infections. Betnovate-N cream provides rapid relief from the irritation and soreness caused by these skin conditions.

Betnovate-N Ointment Composition & Nature:

Betnovate-N is an anti-itch ointment that belongs to a group of medicine known as ‘Topical Steroids’. The term topical refers to such things that can be used on skins only. Topical steroids are the types of medicinal creams that help lowering the itchiness, burning sensation on skin, redness, swelling, etc. This ointment is meant to provide relief from various skin related problems and must not be befuddled with ‘anabolic steroids’.

The major constituents of Betnovate-N are as follows:

  • The Chief Active Component – chief active component of this cream is Betamethasone (0.1%) as Valerate.
  • The Anti-Bacterial Component – The anti-bacterial component is Neomycin Sulphate (3%) which mainly helps in clearing up the skin infection caused by bacteria.
  • Preservative Component – the component that has been used as a preservative is Chlorocresol.
  • Other Components – some other minor components are white soft paraffin, cetomacrogol 1000 as the base and liquid paraffin.
  • This ointment does not contain any coloring agents, lanolin and parabens. Thus, it is completely safe for using on skin conditions.

Betnovate-N Cream Mechanism

  • Betnovate-N, the amalgamation of two drugs – Topical betamethasone and neomycin, is meant for treating skin inflammatory conditions, particularly the skin conditions caused by bacterial infections.
  • Topical betamethasone is the steroidal medicine that helps blocking prostaglandins (a chemical messenger) which is responsible for skin irritation, itchiness and redness of the skin.
  • While, topical neomycin is the kind of antibiotic medicine that helps killing bacteria by averting the production of certain important proteins, essential for the bacteria to carry out their functions.

Betnovate-N Cream Dosage:

Betnovate-N ointment is only used for curing skin conditions induced by mainly bacterial infections. It is an anti-bacterial ointment which provides rapid relief from the skin inflammations, swelling and itchiness.

Here is the detailed outline of the usage of Betnovate-N:

  • Betnovates-N ointment is only meant for external use.
  • Strictly follow the usage duration and dosage prescribed by the doctor. This means, always consult your doctor for how often you can use the cream and how much you can apply it over the infected area.
  • Do not forget to check directions mentioned on the label of the packaging before you actually use on the infected area.
  • Make sure you have cleaned and dried the affected area before applying the ointment over the infected portion.
  • Always remember to clean your hands using hand wash after you are finished applying the ointment, unless the infection is in your hand.

Betnovates-N Cream Side Effects:

In most of the cases, people who use the perfect dosage of cream and at proper interval of time as suggested by the doctor do not have any side effects of this ointment. However, before start using the cream you should be aware about the side effects that may be caused by Betnovate-N ointment:

  • This may sometimes cause burning sensation, itchiness, redness and irritation at the site of application of the ointment. Any of these sensations suggest that you are allergic to this cream or you may have some other skin conditions that need to be treated differently.
  • This cream may also cause skin thinning sometimes.
  • The passing of the active components of Betnovate-N cream may affect some other body parts especially in small children and infants, pregnant women and elderly people who have pre-existing kidney conditions.
  • This ointment is supposed to work promptly. If your affected area does not cure within a week, it is always advisable to inform your doctor as soon as possible.
  • However, if your physician chose Betnovate-N for treating psoriasis then it may take a lot more time. In that case, see your doctor at regular gap of time for consultation.

Betnovate-N Cream Interactions and Precautions to Take

Although proper dosage and usage makes it safe to use but certain precautions are needed to be taken before using Betnovate-N ointment:

  • No interactions found with alcohol.
  • Betnovate-N cream is not recommended to apply during pregnancy. It showed adverse effects on fetus when studied on animals. Although it may not cause the same effect on human body. Consult your doctor if you can use this ointment during pregnancy.
  • This ointment may not cause any harm to the child if used by lactating women. It can be used during lactation period. However, it is extremely important to forbid any skin contact of this cream with the baby.
  • Although, there is no such evidence that claims driving is not safe while using Betnovate-N cream. But if you feel any distraction or loss of focus while using this cream, avoid driving.
  • No data is found supporting the harm of using Betnovate-N in people with kidney problems. It is totally safe to use this ointment after consulting your physician if you have any pre-existing kidney problems.
  • People who have pre-existing liver conditions should consider consulting their physician first, before using Betnovate-N ointment. However, no evidence is found against any harm caused by this cream in people with liver problems.

Betnovate-N Cream Substitute:

There are other similar drugs in the market which can be used as a substitute for Betnovate-N like Hydrocortisone, Beta Val, Nizoral, etc.

Betnovate-N Cream FAQs:

1) Is Betnovate-N cream is safe to use during pregnancy?

Ans: Yes, it is safe to use Betnovate-N during pregnancy. Please consult the physician for more information.

2) Is Betnovate-N cream safe to use for lactating women?

Ans: Yes, Betnovate-N is safe to use for lactating women. For further queries, please consult the doctor.

3) Is it safe to operate heavy machineries and driving vehicles while using Betnovate-N cream?

Ans: It may possibly not be safe to operate heavy machineries and drive vehicles while using Betnovate-N provided you feel lightheadedness and physical weakness after using it. Please seek the advice of your doctor in that case.

4) Does Betnovate-N cream have side effects?

Ans: Yes, Betnovate-N has many side effects, a lot of which are rare and not severe.

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