Covid 19 Global Status

Coronavirus spread -

June 18, 2020

By Mr. Krishna Pandey, Chairman, Nepal Medical Tourism Organization

Corona impacts on 18 June 2020 is 8,475,918 confirmed cases worldwide in 215 countries, with 452,069 deaths. North America has the leading no. 1 position with 2,580,573 positive cases and 149,588 death cases. Europe is second with no. of 2,264,226 positive cases and 184,969 death cases. Asia leads third position with no. of 1,758,982 positive points and no. of 45,010 death cases. South America plays fourth position with no. of 1,591,160 positive cases and 65,104 death cases. Africa plays fifth position with no. of 271,251 positive cases and 7,259 death cases. Corona impacts every country.

Similarly, the USA is leading 1st position with no. of 2,235,678 confirmed cases and 119,955 death cases. Brazil is leading 2nd position with no. of 960,309 confirmed cases and 46,665 death cases. Russia leads 3rd position with no. of 561,091 confirmed cases and 7,660 death cases. India led 4th position with no. of 368,705 confirmed cases and 12,280 death cases, and the UK led 5th position with no. of 299,251 confirmed cases and 42,153 death cases.

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