Kidney transplant success rate in India

Factors that might associate with the kidney success rate: Factors that might associate with the kidney success rate:

September 24, 2023

In India, the kidney transplant procedure achieves one of the highest success rates in the world, with an estimated success rate of over 90% for 7500 kidney transplantations performed annually. Presently, 90% of kidney transplants are obtained from living donors. And only 10% are from deceased donors (patients who died due to brain stroke or accidents).

The factors that might be associated with the kidney success rate:

  • Choice of a hospital: You should prefer a well-established center with advanced technology, and good hygiene practices. And vastly experienced transplant nephrologists or kidney transplant surgeons.
  • Kidney compatibility: Biological compatibility plays a vital role in the success rate of kidney transplants.
  • A type of blood group, tissue types, and crossmatching can determine it.
  • Post-surgery complications: Post-surgery complications such as infections have a higher risk of diminishing success rates.
  • Age can influence the kidney transplant success rate based on the donor type. For instance, a 5-year survival rate for deceased-donor kidney transplant had reported 74.3% success in geriatrics (above 65 years) and nearly 96% in ages between 18 and 34 years. Moreover, when compared to 83.9% for living-donor kidney transplants in geriatrics and 97.8% in the period between 18 and 34 years.

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