Even minor sleep problems raise women’s blood pressure


December 20, 2018

By Tim Newman

A new study finds that even relatively minor sleep disturbances can increase women’s high blood pressure risk. This increase was measured even in women who slept for the recommended duration.

Even mild sleep disturbance may increase hypertension risk in women. For some time, we have known that insufficient sleep increases blood pressure, and, therefore, the risk of heart-related diseases.

Recently, researchers from Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York conducted a study to assess whether or not less serious sleep issues could cause measurable cardiovascular effects. An estimated one-third of people in the United States do not get enough sleep. And, women seem to be affected more often than men.

There are several reasons why sleep problems are more common in women. For instance, women are more likely to be carers for children and elderly relatives, and they also experience shifts in hormones both monthly and across their lifespan.

For this reason, the scientists decided to focus their study on women. Lead study author Brooke Aggarwal explains why the prevalence of sleep disturbance in women is particularly worrying.

She says, “Studies have shown that sleep deprivation and milder sleep problems may disproportionately affect cardiovascular health in women.”

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